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200 business ideas in Nigeria and other parts of Africa


Business Idea In Africa

200 business ideas in Nigeria and other parts of Africa

Starting a business in Nigeria and other parts of Africa can be very easy and lucrative if you know what exactly to venture into. Owing to the large population and diversity of the people, the business opportunity is endless. Important things you must have in mind while choosing a business to venture into: Funds: the amount of money you have or can be able to raise. Location: where the business will be located. Ask yourself if the your choice product will needed in your current area or will you need to relocate to an area where it is needed. Some businesses will require a vehicle for distribution. It all depends on the nature and scale of the business. Personal passion and abilities : while not underestimating your self, you need to be sincere to yourself on what you can be able to handle and what you are passionate about. Because sometimes things may not be rosy at the starting or the business may suffer some setbacks along the line, the only thing that will keep you going at such a period is your passion for the business. many other factors if you are specifically interested in small businesses read What Touch Life Has to offer.

1. Horticulture : growing and selling of flower seedlings, plant seedlings.
2. Color laboratory : printing photos for photographers, printing colored graphics.
3. Building materials : bags of cement, Rods, Roofing sheets etc
4. Cement supply: Become a major cement dealer. you need a shop or you can work as a middleman between cement dealers, civil contractors and cement manufacturers
5. Car Dealership: Enough capital and right connections are required. You may import brand new ones or used ones from overseas of buy locally.
6. Phones and accessories: Mobile phones and tablets, charges, earphones, USB cables, Phone case, Headphones, Bluetooth headsets.
7. Shoes and foot wears: Male or Female Shoes, Palms, Sandals, Boots, loafers, Pumps, may import or buy from whole sellers.
8. Second hand shoes and foot wears: Most good shoes people wear everyday in Nigeria are fairly used ones. You may import or buy from major importers.
9. Fruits, vegetables and Nuts: Apples, Grapes, Carrots, pineapples, Tiger nuts, Groundnut, Onions E.T.C.
10. Pharmaceuticals: If you have the required Education you can start this. You may however liaise with a Professional in a form of partnership where you provide the funding and he or she provides the expert services.
11. Vehicle spare parts. Tires, Engine and component parts, Lighting components E.T.C
12. Car wash: You may run it yourself or employ people .
13. Car lease: A car lease Firm or be Leasing out your private car.
14. Super market
15. Provision store
16. Book store
17. Online marketing
18. Web design
19. Graphic artist
20. Graphic design
21. Photography
22. Video coverage and Graphics.
23. Audio product
24. Music DJ
25. Interior decoration items
26. Furniture
27. Kitchen utensils
28. Solar energy equipment and installation
29. CCTV camera equipment and installation: Sales requires capital while installation requires skill.
30. Computer training institution
31. Nursery, Primary, secondary schools
32. Tertiary institution
33. Vocational institution
34. Elderly Nursing home
35. Daycare center
36. Welding workshop
37. Paint shop
38. Vehicle repainting firm
39. Pure water production plant
40. Commercial Bore hole drilling firm
41. Bore hole water
42. Transport company
43. Caterpillar lease
44. Real estate
45. Beauty saloon
46. Barber saloon
47. Hair stylist
48. Movie production
49. Music video production
50. Plumbing equipment
51. Frozen foods
52. Foam depot
53. Soft drinks and beer mini and mega depot
54. Drink supplying
55. Taxi services
56. Advertising agency
57. Tomato paste production plant
58. Soap and detergents production plant: Toilet soap, Laundry Items, Detergents, Liquid Washed, Disinfectants.
59. Fish farming: Fingerling Breeding and Fish farming
60. Piggery: Pig Training
61. Rice farming
62. Rice processing
63. Cold room services: Cooling Vans and Cold Storage rooms.
64. Blogging
65. Affiliate marketing
66. Franchise
67. Catering
68. Baking
69. Printing center
70. Radio station
71. TV station
72. Digital photo studio
73. Music production studio: You may Run it yourself if you have the skill or alternatively, hire a producer.
74. Fashion and design: Design and produce fashion items like clothes, shoes, bags E.T.C.
75. Event planning
76. Security firm:
77. Funeral services:
78. Building contractor:
79. House cleaning services:
80. Contract driver services:
81. Bar:
82. Restaurant:
83. Coffee and tea spot:
84. Barbecue joint:
85. Fast food joint:
86. Recycling:
87. Shoe making
88. Dress making:
89. Laptop sales and computer accessories:
90. Computer repairs and spare parts:
91. Phone repairs:
92. Mobile phone spare parts -imports, wholesale and retail:
93. Electronics shop:
94. Electronic spare components:
95. Power generator:
96. Generator spare parts:
97. Electrical and wiring equipment:
98. Bags,-shopping, leather, traveling:
99. Gym:
100. Hotel:
101. Custard manufacturing:
102. Baby diapers manufacturing:
105. Instant noodles manufacturing: Very lucrative in the country presently.
106. Gas plant;
107. Filling station:
108. Gas cylinders and stoves:
109. Plastic containers and other items:
110. PVC tanks:
111. Production and installation of street lights:
112. Glass windows and indoors sales and installation:
113. Extra mural lesson:
114. Palm oil business:
115. Cashew and palm nut merchandise:
117. Animal husbandry -life stock rearing:
118. Wines sales:
119. Farming: -plantains, yam etc:
120. fumigation: Insecticides, Pesticides and herbicide Fumigation for farm crops.
121. Estate agent:
122. Travel agency:
123. Airline:
124. Hospital or clinic:
125. Infant clothes:
127. Wedding gowns and costumes sales and hiring:
128. Vulcanize spot:
129. Painter:
130. poultry farm:
131. Jewelry crafting : bead making
132. Consultancy firm:
133.Training and sale of pets: -dogs,cats,parrots etc
134. Event Rentals: – canopies, chairs, coolers, plates ,tables etc
135. Bread bakery: Bread, Chin Chin, cakes, Pies , Rolls E.T.C
136.Cake making:
137. Sports viewing center:
138. Dancer:
139. Dance coach:
140. Instrumentalist:
141. Music instruments shop:
142. Ice cream production and sales:
143. Laundry and dry cleaning services:
144. Home and personal tutor: Monetize your skills and knowledge. A lot of persons don’t have the time to join a regimented institution to get the knowledge and skills they need. You can personally teach them at their free time if you have the ability or build a firm with registered home tutors and collect commission.
145. Motivational speaking: This requires intelligence, language skills and charisma.
146. Courier services and delivery services: build a couriers services firm or do small scale with your private car.
147. Electrician:
148. Vehicle mechanic:
149. Generator mechanic:
150. Nanny:
151. House keeper:
152. Cook:
153. Decoration services:
154. Livestock feed manufacturing and sales
156. Project writing for students:
157. Drawing of building plans:
158. Block industry:
159. Construction firm:
160. Truck company:
161. Sale of sports wear and kits:
162. Cinema:
163. Shopping mall
164. Massage parlor
165. Amusement park
166. Gym and fitness equipments shop
167. Forex trading:
168. Stock and shares:
169. Bank:
170. Clearing and forwarding:
171. Waste disposal services:
172. Soak away disposal vehicle:
173. Counseling : marriage, relationship, Business, career etc
174. Recharge card printing and sales:
175. Foodstuffs sales:
176. Drug manufacturing:
177. Cosmetics manufacturing : perfumes, body cream, lip gloss etc
178. Sales of weav-on and attachments
179. Sale of clothing fabrics: lace, silk, chiffon and other materials used for sewing.
180. Sale of tailoring equipments and materials:
181. Accessories and jewelries: sunglasses, chains, necklaces ,rings.
182. Gold-: gold plating, golden rings, chains and others.
183. Sand excavation and trading:
184. Quarry : chippings and stones for construction.
185. Online freelance services:
186. Books and magazine publishing:
187. Shipping:
188. Goods imports:
189. Timber business:
190. Firewood business:
191. Charcoal production and sales:
192. Musician:
193. Hosting of musical and comedy concerts:
194. Hosting of training workshops and symposiums:
195. Guest Performing your with your talent at events:
196. Open and run a YouTube channel:
197. News agency: Newspaper, Online news Media.
198. vehicle towing service: Towing vans and Towing Trucks.
199. fruit juice company: processed and packaged fruit juices are sold in massive quantities across the country. people are always seeking refreshment.
200. Granite and tiles sales: Wall and floor tiles, Granite and other related materials.
201. Garri processing plant: Garri is enjoyed everyday in large quantity by majority of Nigerians, So it is a highly demanded product.
202. Processing, packaging and distribution of food spices and ingredients: Food seasonings, nut meg, curry powder, Tomato paste, Groundnut oil, Salt E.T.C
203. Manufacturing and sales of plastic products: Plastic chairs, Plates, Buckets, Cups, Water cans, Plastic tanks, PVC pipes E.T.C.
204. Driving school: Can be done with your private car if you have one or you may purchase a low cost vehicle for this purpose. depending on your capital, One vehicle is enough for a start, then you can increase the number as you grow.

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