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TouchLife Plan & Policy

Intending partner(s) can become a partner with other partners. It is illegal and risky to pay your registration money to any offices agent or staff, all registration money should be paid through the bank. Immediately you pay to the Foundation's ACCOUNT, your information should reach us on time.

TLWGF partners are required to educate and disclose the TOUCH-LIFE WORLD GLOBA FOUNDATION business plan, policy, and procedure to their prospect. Touch-Life World Global Foundation is employing every partner to market the business plan to their friends and relatives, everywhere for the purpose of growth and sustainability of the program.

Every partner must be law-abiding and agree that at times, he/she would conduct him/herself in a lawful, ethical and moral manner and agrees to do nothing that will reflect adversely on the Foundation, or do anything that will be detrimental to another partner. Partners are advised to attend seminars and workshop meetings for more understanding of the business plan. It is important to know that partners cannot and will not get any reward of any kind if he/she did not refer the required number of people needed him/her. Touch-Life World Global Foundation is looking forward to rewarding partners with the fabulous GIFT(s).

Qualifying purchase value (PV) for every partner's income and items on the stock list are alternated and randomly selected for the sale in each category. Every Touch-life world global foundation partner is a business partner. Therefore as business partners ensure that the Foundation grows and sustain through marketing to others around you. Partners who are indigenous manufacturers of healthy and quality consumable products that are approved by NAFDAC are welcome to bring their products for promotion and exposition.

A serious partner can apply for a depot in his/her State as a representative of the Organization. Profit sharing will be 40:60 for any depot owner. In the event of death or any incapacity of the partner, such as insanity all products supplies and benefits will be transferred to the beneficiaries. Touch-life does not permit transfer of entitlement to a healthy living person.

TOUCH-LIFE WORLD GLOBAL FOUNDATION shall be free from all liabilities whatsoever in the event of any loss of any fund in the term of registration or Touch life world global product supplies due to any future government order, law, levy, tax, embargo and restriction and or all other causes beyond Touch-life world global foundation. Nothing in this registration with touch life world global foundation business plan, form or any other documents/media relating to TOUCH LIFE WORLD GLOBAL FOUNDATION registration between the Foundation and its business partner's, their beneficiaries or their attorneys shall under any situation be entitled to any whatsoever exceeding the provision of this special clause.